A bit about me

I’m based in London where I spend my days building websites and my free time riding my bike, climbing and drinking beer.

What can I do?

Recently I've been pushing my frontend skills. That means I can...

  • Build blogs with Ghost / Jekyll
  • Handle data with Symphony CMS
  • Keep things DRY with SASS
  • Save time with Bourbon + Neat
  • Go fast with vanilla JS
  • Track changes with Git
  • Create pretty vectors with SVG
  • Make them move with SMIL
  • Run tasks with Gulp
  • Manage dependencies with Bower

What’ve I done?

Quite a mix! I have five years’ third sector experience in digital comms roles and two years' freelance experience across managerial and creative roles.

I have an MA in Communications Studies as well as a Master’s in Physics.

What am I looking for?

Two things really motivate me: projects that will challenge me in a creative or technical sense, and projects that will help to make the world a better place.

Anything that combines these two is a definite winner.